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SNEHABHISHEK   Romantic couples ritual                              2hrs 30mins | Rs 10000



This tandem ritual invites couples to get closer and reconnect.  Enjoy an aromatic steam bath and  wrap yourself in a nourishing blend of almonds and roses to infuse a youthful glow. Tease and delight your senses with an aphrodisiacal bath of rose petals, herbs and warm milk. A gentle massage enhances blood circulation and fills you with renewed vigour. Spend a few quite moments together in the private sea-facing suite while you enjoy refreshments. 

MITRA ABHISHEK    BFF Ritual                                                     120 mins | Rs 8000 
Spend quality time with a loved one or close friend while we pamper you. Our royal foot soak sets the mood for this ritual. Transport vitality and glow to your skin with this scrub made from fresh natural ingredients, mixed with auspicious saffron and almond. Enjoy a relaxing massage that leaves your skin softer and firmer.

SAMPOORNA ABHISHEK Bespoke                                                    120 mins | Rs 5000


Pamper yourself with a full body therapy inspired from the royal bathing rituals. Start with a royal foot soak and select from any of our naturally nourishing body scrubs for a radiant glow. Wrap yourself in a deeply nourishing wrap of black soil and rose water that leaves skin supple and firm. A deeply relaxing massage lulls you into a state of sheer bliss.



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