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Ubtans, made from finely ground herb, flower and root powders which are sundried and ground by hand, are used as cleansing scrubs for deeper exfoliation. For maximum efficacy combine with an oil based body massage.



SUNANDA UBTAN Rose Almond Scrub                                                    60 mins | r 2000

This treatment combines the goodness of almonds with the hydrating and cooling properties of wild roses to give the skin a smooth texture and skin tone.


KESAR UBTAN  Royal Saffron Scrub                                                          60 mins | r 2000

Purifying Spanish saffron is combined with deeply nourishing almonds to create an opulent experience fit for royalty. This treatment makes the skin luscious, bright and smooth.


RASAMRIT UBTAN Spice Scrub                                                                   60 mins | r 2000

  For this invigorating treatment, a traditional mixture of Indian spices is used to promote deep cleansing, relieve muscular soreness and improve blood circulation, leaving you refreshed and recharged.


PRITHVI ALEPA Black Soil Wrap                                                                 45 mins | r 1500

Rich black cotton soil sourced from the heartlands of the royal province of Rewa are combined with traditional roots and herbs to create an authentic royal experience. This bespoke lepa leaves the skin supple and firm. A gentle head massage lulls you into relaxation.


* 15 mins for shower is included in all the treatment durations. 

*Prices are exclusive of tax

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