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VARIVASYA KALPA  Pain Relief Ritual                                                       90 mins | r 1990

This bespoke therapy starts with a soothing foot soak and scrub, followed by a deeply relaxing foot, head, neck, shoulder and back massage. The treatment is ended with a warming paraffin wrap for the feet to melt away the last traces of pain.



TEJAS KALPA  Massage with Scrub                                                          75 mins | r 1790

A pain relief scrub is combined with our signature foot and back massage therapy to deeply relax sore muscles and enhance the effectiveness of the massage.


PADA MARDANAM Foot Massage                                           30 / 60 mins | r 890 / 1390

This signature treatment combines the effective massage techniques of thai, ayurvedic and deep tissue massages to relax sore muscles. The 60 mins therapy includes a dry back, neck and shoulder massage.


ANGAD KALPA  Pain Relief Back Massage                                              45 mins | r 1990

Stress and pain of the shoulders and back melts away with this concentrated therapy. A pain relief balm is massaged using special techniques and cocooned in a warming paraffin wrap to help penetrate it’s goodness and relieve sore muscles


PRISHTA MARDANA Dry Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage                      30 mins | r 890

This massage releases muscular tension from the head, neck shoulders and back, creating a deep sense of relaxation and joy as well as clarity of thought.



INDIAN CHAMPI  Head massage                                                                 30 mins | r 890

A classic Indian head massage that relives stress from head, neck and shoulder.   Can be performed dry or with oil. 


*Prices are exclusive of tax

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